West-tec Construction

All Saints Road – Bristol

Family house conversion into four rental flats. Bespoke Neptune fitted kitchens and a commissioned David Salisbury conservatory. Floors are a combination of herringbone and strip flooring.

All Saints Road Garden-5481.jpg
All Saints Road Garden-5493.jpg
ASR Exterior-5799.jpg
All Saints Road Garden-5500.jpg
ASR Basement Flat Conservatory-5584.jpg
ASR Basement Flat Conservatory-5814.jpg
ASR Basement Flat Kitchen-5560.jpg
ASR 1st FF Bathroom-4820.jpg
ASR 1st FF Kitchen-4754.jpg
ASR 1st FF Kitchen-4780.jpg
ASR 2nd FF Hallways-4496.jpg
ASR 2nd FF Bathroom 1-4414.jpg
ASR 2nd FF Bedroom 2-4438.jpg
ASR 2nd FF Hallways-4461.jpg
ASR 2nd FF Kitchen-4479.jpg